Boosted Board Cover and Charger Pouch Combo (BrdBag GA2.0 and GA1.0)

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The CHARGER POUCH (GA1.0) for storing the your Boosted Board charger cables.  Keep everything neatly tucked away until you need it in this pouch and avoid the cable cord bird's nest mess in your bag.  Perfectly sized to store the Boosted Charger so it doesn't take up extra space unnecessarily.  Built from the same durable exterior as our board bags.  Charger pouch measures 8.5"x7".

The LONGBOARD QUICK COVER (GA2.0) is for Boosted Board longboards... easy and quick to put on, it covers the top of the board and helps stop griptape from scratching or tearing up your car seats, bags, hands, pants...