International shipments and customs/duties (orders shipping outside of the USA) does not calculate or charge the additional costs from shipping internationally resulting from duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. Import charges can vary widely but are most commonly based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country. is unable to predict which of these fees, if any, will be applied, and does not calculate or collect these fees or taxes.

If you purchase from and have the item shipped outside of the USA, the items may be subject to these import duties, taxes, or customs clearance fees. You are responsible for paying these charges when due.  If your shipment is held by customs due to non payment of import fees you will not be issued a refund. If your shipment is returned die to nonpayment of import duties, any shipping costs incurred will be deducted from any amounts refunded to you.

Please check for any import duties, taxes, and fees applicable to the destination shipping address before placing your order.