Boosted Board Travel Bag Backpack

The best way to travel with your Boosted Board.

Perfect Fit

Shaped for V1 and V2 Boosted Boards.  Fitting snugly around the board and trucks prevents the Boosted Board from shifting around.

Providing full coverage for your Boosted Board and ample storage pockets for the charger, remote, and even extra batteries.

Travel Ready.

Packaway backpack straps. Tuck them away in their dedicated storage pocket when necessary.  Ideal if you need to check the bag in on a busy flight, or simply wish to carry it via the side handle or removable shoulder strap.

Integrated address card holder.

Pockets in Pockets.

Keep everything in it's place while you're moving around.

Inside the left exterior pocket: a zippered sleeve, good spot for the remote control (or wallet and keys).

Inside the right exterior pocket: a pouch with elastic top, great place to quickly stash the charging cord.

Heavy Duty Zippers with Paracord Pullers.

Top and Bottom Pull Handles.

Upgraded Hardware.

Sternum Strap.

Protection and Padding.

When I set out to find a bag for my beloved boosted board, I knew I needed something decently padded, that fit snugly, with a place for remote-charger, and ideally had an option to be used as a backpack (critical for navigating large airports with the hefty board). I also wanted something that didn’t broadcast the fact that I had a $1500 piece of equipment in my possession (it should be completely covered). THIS BAG CRUSHED ALL THESE PARAMETERS.


Fits my boosted board V1 and V2 perfectly! Great build quality and super reasonably priced!

Pat G